Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Started another one....

I shouldnt have, but I did. I started yet another project. This is the beginning of my February Lady sweater knit in Rowan Kid Classic. Purple. Not one of my usual colors, but for some reason it really grabbed me. I really like it so far and has a fuzz to it, but not a horrible amount.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

No, I havent dropped off the face of the Earth

I havent been overly inspired to blog the last year, but I am getting the urge. I have been seeing all the cool things everyone else is doing with their blogs; the things they are creating and I am starting to thinking I want my own little corner of the cyber world after all.

This is a little something I have been working on for awhile now. It is slow work, but I am past the half way point. I used several references which I dont have at hand at the moment to put together an Andean inspired piece that will become a wall hanging. Right now I am knitting it in a tube and am hoping that one of my lovely knitting friends will help me do a crochet steek to cut it open in the end.

The original plan was to cycle up through my colors once and then repeat, but after much deliberation with some fellow knitterly friends decided to mirror the colors as the pattern is mirrored. I hit a snag though. There is a purple in there that isnt working so I have to rip back 3 colors and am dreading it.
PS the little dog aint so little anymore!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A big thanks..

to everyone who has welcomed me.
Here is the promised shot of my kit I received:

I will post a pic when it is finished.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

If your friends all jumped off a bridge.....

Would you do it too?

No, I wouldnt jump off a bridge, but all my friends have blogs, so I had to do it too. I have thought about starting one for a long time but never got around to it.

So I am a follower. My friends are all swapping to and now I am becoming a swap-aholic. I got my first package in the the mail from Amy. A lovely little purse kit in great fall colors. I especially like those lime green handles! I will post a pic tommorrow. Thanks Amy in Texas! My kit will be going out on Thursday morning. I have to get needles before I can send it out. Picture forthcoming also.

I am also working on mittens for Mittens Duece. Now I am no stranger to the knittin gof mittens, but I have pulled out and restarted this darn mitten 4 times now. I think I have it finally. Once you get the sizig and guage right, mittens really are amazingly fast to knit. I sure cant wait to get my mittens. I gave mine pair away last year and my poor hands are getting cold and chapped.

My place of employment changed location suddenly and we are having a time getting the phones and internet hooked up. I make 2 trips to Panera a day to check and send emails. I am going to write a book. The Panera Chicken Noodle Soup Diet. Move over Jerod, you can keep your Subway.